Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

There is so much beauty in all the seasons we experience living on our planet. Yet, all too frequently, I find myself complaining about the heat, or the cold, or the rain because of how I flare every time the weather changes. The frustration that the unpredictability of my condition brings results in a narrowing of my consciousness. That, in turn, renders me unable to enjoy the beauty of nature, many a time, because I associated that with pain and/or fatigue.

But even when I am fatigued, the roses still bloom in the summer, and define beauty with their colors! Despite the increased stiffness in the winter, sunshine on the snow still spell magical delight. Spring and fall, with their allergies and migraines, nonetheless bring gorgeous colors befitting a fairy tale to our earthly lands.

The Spirit of the Seasons (collage)

So I often feel selfish for judging the seasonal variations for its impact on me, instead of recognizing it as a beautiful, joyous element in its own right. Instead, I yearn to be free of all “associations” when I observe nature, so I can enjoy true beauty for beauty’s sake!

It is my hope that, one day, my art can help me transcend the trappings of my aching body, and expand my consciousness, such that I can really feel one with the Earth and all that is bigger than ourselves.

The collage of my paintings (Spirit of the Seasons) is an attempt to inch closer to that state of being. I hoped to use colors and textures to really feel each season, to absorbΒ its allure, instead of it being solely a visual depiction of items we associate with a certain time of the year.

It is my way of paying homage to nature – the ultimate artist that paints “Mother Earth”!

Gentle hugs,


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

  1. Like you, sometimes I am not a fan of the seasons and weather changing, be it from cold to warm or warm to cold. My sinuses always flair up, and my skin goes dry and the skin of my face peels as well. There’s not forgetting hayfever during spring 😦 I do take medication but they give me side effects so most of the time I don’t and simply put up with it.

    But you are right. There is beauty and colour in the seasons and changing of seasons. Lovely collage you put there and it is so full of life. Changing seasons means a changing world around us and always something to admire.

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    1. Thank you for that lovely comment Mabel!! I think there are many like us who take the seasons for granted and complain about how it causes us irritations. But I also think that we are one of few who recognize it for being so much more than that! When the leaves change colors in fall, or the new buds and leaves sprout in spring, or the seasonal flowers that know just when to bloom – they are as close to magic as we’re going to get in this version of Middle Earth! It is worth setting our worries aside and just admiring it. πŸ™‚


      1. Haha. When those flowers bloom I always remind myself to stay away at a distance. Do not want a sneezing fit πŸ˜€ Hope you cope with the season changes okay. It can be a trial and error thing to see what helps our allergies and what doesn’t.

        When I get a cold during the season changes, I usually take a cold tablet. Now that always seems to make my allergies vanish πŸ˜€

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        1. Haha!! Yes I agree. I always joke that I enjoy the outdoors best through glass windows. πŸ˜› Because I also have asthma, I take anti-histamines nearly year-round. That helps a bit I think. Good to know that you have found something that helps you too! πŸ˜€

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    1. I don’t think I have ever had a kinder or more uplifting comment about my paintings than that. Thank you so soo very much! It makes me really happy to know they may have brought some peace in your life. ❀

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      1. I am multiple morbidities, one of which is Fibromyalgia but it is the neuropathies, the constant fire of dying nerves that excoriates and does me in. I engage in the world but sometimes all I want to do is retreat into a calming soothing world of art, gardens, song birds, cats and water.

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        1. I am really sorry to hear about all your suffering. 😦 I completely understand your need to retreat from the world. One of the reasons I started painting is precisely so I could find a retreat in art. Even though my own nerve pain symptoms mean I cannot always paint as much or as often I’d like, I try to find ways to make little doodles on my phone/art tablet when I need to pull away from the everyday.

          If you’d like to view more of my paintings, here’s the link which hosts them all: https://www.facebook.com/RunaBakshiArtist/. There is nothing better for me than knowing that things I write or create could brings some measure of happiness in peoples’ lives. Take care!

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  2. Oh, you absolutely succeeded in transcending the flatness of art and letting your viewers “feel” the organics of each depiction! Also want to say, I believe Mother Earth knows that for some of us, complaining about the weather is just part of the dialog between humans. It’s something many of us have in common, so don’t feel guilty! Thanks for posting all your words and pictures! Sastimos (good health)!

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  3. Your artwork is beautiful! I can see the desire to be one with the earth in your work. May sound silly to say, but I do see it there. I too love to paint but it’s merely for fun and as a way to replace pain with peacefulness. It’s a little late and I’m a little sleepy so I should stop rambling on. I’ll close by saying what a delight it is to see you pushing through…I feel as if I try to do this myself a bit and it helps, it really, really does. Wishing you the best day possible for you.🌸

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    1. Thank you so soo much!! πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts last night, and looking at the beautiful photos and watercolors of the seaside! As it does for you, painting helps me find some peace too. It is a diversion from the struggle that the rest of the day often is. It also helps me get out of left-brain mode, where I pretty much live, LOL! The creative aspects of the art help me feel more balanced I think. I am so glad that you find art helps you manage your condition as well. ❀ Thank you for reaching out and following my blog, that then led me to your beautiful one. I look forward to exploring it more soon!

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